LED Light Therapy

By using different wavelengths of light, this safe and effective treatment can improve signs of aging, reduce inflammation, and decrease acne. 

About LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy uses harmless, painless LED lights to treat a variety of conditions. Because it contains no UV light, LED light therapy poses no risk of skin damage. While most commonly used on the face, LED light therapy can be used on other areas such as the chest and neck. 

Red light decreases visible signs of aging by improving blood flow and triggering the skin to produce more collagen. New collagen leads to firmer, tighter, more rejuvenated skin. Blue light, used to treat acne, acts on the oil-producing glands in the skin to calm their overproduction of oil. In combination, red and blue light can treat active acne by reducing inflammation and using collagen to decrease signs of acne scarring.

LED Light Therapy for Acne | Daytona Beach Palm Coast

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Your treatment will last about twenty minutes. You will need several treatments to achieve results, but you can space them only a week or two apart. 

This noninvasive treatment doesn’t require any downtime, and you can go back to your regular activities right away.

You will see a decrease in lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of aging if you’re being treated with red light therapy. For acne treatment, you can expect to see fewer breakouts, less oil production, and improvements in the appearance of scars.

The ideal candidate for LED light therapy has either mild signs of aging they want to address or has concerns about acne breakouts and scarring.

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