Gravity and loss of collagen lead our facial skin and fat to sag over time. Depending on your areas of greatest concern, a cheek lift or facelift can lift and rejuvenate your features. Dr. Schalit can help you decide which procedure will give you the results you’re looking for. 

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What is the Difference Between a Cheek Lift and a Facelift?

These two facial lift procedures have some similarities, but they solve different problems. 

Cheek Lift

A cheek lift, also called a mid-face lift, addresses an area where signs of aging appear first: loose skin and loss of volume in the cheeks and under the eyes. As a result, you may see hollowness in the cheek area and tired-looking eyes. A cheek lift restores the skin and underlying fat pads to their proper location for fuller, more defined cheeks


A facelift removes sagging skin and lifts the underlying structures to smooth away lines and wrinkles. Dr. Schalit usually performs a neck lift with a facelift to help you achieve a firm, contoured jawline, slimmer neck, and smoother skin. You may choose to have other procedures like an eyelid lift, chin augmentation, or a forehead lift. 

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What are Cheek Lift and Facelift Procedures Like?

A cheek lift uses small incisions hidden in the hairline. A facelift uses similar small incisions, but these are also made around and behind the ears. Dr. Schalit uses his surgical experience to create small and well-hidden incisions

A facelift involves more loose skin removal, so it provides more overall tightening. It also works for loose skin around the jawline and around the mouth to provide better contouring and eliminate deep creases. A cheek lift focuses more on restoring the youthful appearance of the cheek and undereye area by undoing the effects of gravity on the skin and pads of fat. These fat pads give cheeks their round, youthful fullness and enhance the cheekbones. 

What is Recovery Like From a Cheek Lift or Facelift?

You can expect a slightly longer recovery with a facelift since it requires a more extensive procedure. Recovery from a cheek lift takes two to three weeks. Most of the swelling and bruising have resolved after two weeks, and you should be able to return to work. With a facelift, Dr. Shalit will make recommendations based on the type of facelift you have. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Cheek Lift or Facelift?

If you have sagging, lines, and wrinkles around your lower face or cheek area, you may be a good candidate for a cheek lift or facelift. Ideal candidates have no major health problems and reasonable expectations. 

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