If you have frown-lines or wrinkles around your face, you might entertain getting Botox®. But what is it made of?

Botox® is a brand name that comes from abbreviating botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic compound made by Clostridium botulinum bacteria and several other related species. The chemical inhibits acetylcholine release (a neurotransmitter), preventing communication between the nerves and the brain, inactivating adjacent muscle tissue.

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About Botox® Cosmetic

Botox® is a muscle relaxant. Medical professionals have used it for all sorts of things, from preventing migraine headaches to controlling excessive sweating. However, it is best known for its cosmetic benefits, such as reducing frown lines and wrinkles.

Botox® first came onto the scene as an FDA-approved cosmetic intervention in the late 1980s. Since then, millions of people have used it to smooth out fine lines and creases on their faces, helping them achieve a more vibrant, youthful look.

The procedure is relatively straightforward. Dr. Schalit injects a serum containing highly-diluted Botox® into specific areas of your face. Once it reaches the target site, it relaxes the muscles, giving your skin a smoother appearance.

Botox® is not a rejuvenate. It does not seek to improve the quality of your skin directly. Instead, it helps your facial musculature mimic that of a younger person. The effects take shape quickly, and over the following days, you’ll notice welcome changes to your complexion.

Is Botox® Safe?

Because Botox® comes from bacteria and is a “toxin,” many patients worry about safety. Experience and research, however, shows Botox® to be one of the safest cosmetic interventions currently available. Millions of people have received the therapy since its introduction, and only a handful – perhaps a couple of dozen – have had side effects. Furthermore, most patients who experienced issues had preexisting medical conditions that they did not disclose to the cosmetic surgeon.

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Benefits of Botox®

The benefits of Botox® are considerable. Here’s why you should choose it:

  • No downtime. Botox® is an outpatient treatment, which means that you’re free to leave Dr. Schalit’s practice immediately after receiving your injections.
  • Fast-acting. Botox® gets to work quickly, inactivating facial muscles that cause your wrinkles, improving how you look in just a few days.
  • Targets multiple areas. Botox® lets you deal with all manner of cosmetic issues, including crow’s feet, bunny lines, frown lines, forehead lines, gummy smiles, dimpled chin, and even platysmal bands on your neck.
  • Long-lasting. The effects of a single administration of Botox® usually last several months. It’s cost-effective.

Candidate for Botox® Treatment

Because of its safety, most people are suitable candidates for Botox® treatment. The therapy is ideal for those who want to reduce the appearance of frown lines on their foreheads or wrinkles in the eyes’ corner. However, please note that other procedures, such as facelift, are more suitable for treating sagging skin around the jowl and neck.

I felt comfortable immediately. Good vibes. Pleasant front desk. I went in for a touch up regarding my eye trough area and Botox. Dr.Schalit is amazing. He actually fixed or tweaked some areas from a prior doctor. I have ptosis in one eye and had corrective surgery. Dr. Schalit knew exactly what it was and was careful with the injections. Hands down the BEST doctor I’ve met in a long time. Confidant and honestly knows what he is doing. He is upfront, tells you straight forward what to expect. His bed side manner is very good. He had some students in the room training. What’s not to love about that! Vicky at the checkout is friendly and accessed my account before I asked with Brilliant Distinctions. Wow. Talk about service. I highly recommend this office 100%. I’ve only been to one other and that office pales in comparison to Dr. Schalit expertise and staff. I am looking forward to my next visit already!


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