The benefits of otoplasty include greater confidence, an improvement in the size, shape, and position of the ears, and correction of auricles that have been misshapen since birth.

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Otoplasty Overview

An otoplasty is a cosmetic surgical intervention designed to correct the shape of the ears. It is popular among patients who are unhappy with the way that their ears look or are missing part of the auricle (the part of the outer ear visible on the side of the head).

Otoplasty assists patients with multiple ear-related cosmetic issues including:

Otoplasty assists patients with multiple ear-related cosmetic issues including:

1. Ears that stick out too far from the head.

The ideal angle between the ears and side of the skull is around 15 degrees. However, some auricles can stick out at 30 degrees or more, making the ears more conspicuous than ideal. Ear pinning (a type of otoplasty) reduces this angle, making the ears more streamlined.

2. Ears that are out of proportion with the rest of the head.

Auricles can be large from birth or continue growing throughout life, becoming larger and larger in comparison to the rest of the head. Otoplasty surgery can remove excess tissue without impeding function.

3. Repair damage caused by previous ear surgery.

Inexperienced surgeons can sometimes make mistakes during otoplasty. Board-certified Dr. Schalit corrects these, giving patients renewed confidence.

The type of ear surgery depends on the needs of the patient. Sometimes, Dr. Schalit will remove part of the skin and then fold back the cartilage. Other times, he makes a small incision at the back of the ears to pull the auricle towards the side of the head. In general, the earlier in life a patient receives otoplasty, the better.

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Benefits of Otoplasty

Here are some of the benefits that otoplasty offers:

  • Improvements in confidence: Many otoplasty patients worry about the appearance of their ears, especially in social situations. Ear pinning or auricle reduction can help improve appearance, enhancing self-esteem.
  • Safe: The outer ear is surprisingly robust tissue and able to recover rapidly from surgery. Thousands of adults and children safely benefit from otoplasty every year.
  • Correction of prominent ears: Otoplasty corrects large ears or those that stick out excessively from the head. Once the patient completes the surgery, the effects last for the rest of their lives.
  • Can correct a variety of issues: Otoplasty is a powerful technique that can correct a variety of issues in a single surgery. It is useful for patients with ears that stick out, are too large for the rest of their head, or did not develop properly in childhood.

Am I a Candidate for Otoplasty?

Otoplasty can be performed on children between the ages of four and six as this is the age at which the auricle typically stops maturing. However, both older children and adults can also benefit from otoplasty. The best candidates are those who have large, protruding ears that they would prefer to be more symmetric and proportional to the rest of their face.

Dr. Schalit makes otoplasty available for patients with ears that are larger or smaller than usual due to genetics, trauma, or injury.

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