A facelift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from around the face. But what exactly are its benefits?

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1. A Facelift Eliminates Deep Wrinkles

Reduced collagen production by the body leads to deep wrinkles, making you look older than you are. However, a facelift can significantly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles on your face, giving you long-lasting youthful skin.

2. A Facelift Makes You Look Younger

A significant benefit of getting a facelift is that it significantly reduces the aging signs on your face. It eliminates deep facial wrinkles, double chin, saggy facial skin, and excess fat, ultimately giving you a younger and relaxed appearance.

Once you undergo your facelift with Dr. Schalit, you will notice an improvement in your facial appearance after a couple of days.

3. A Facelift Tightens Sagging Facial Skin

Collagen is beneficial in maintaining tight facial skin, but your body’s collagen production level significantly drops as you get older, and your once firm facial skin gradually becomes saggy.

The good news is that a facelift can remove excess skin and tighten both your neck and facial muscles to reduce facial sagging and give you a younger look.

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4. A Facelift Eliminates Double Chins

If you’re frustrated with the loose skin or your face and neck area, which gives you an aged look, then a facelift can be highly beneficial to you. Facelift allows doctors to quickly eliminate fat and loose, saggy skin around the chin and neck to give you a more sculpted look.

5. A Facelift’s Scars are Barely Noticeable

The great thing about a facelift is that the incisions made during the surgery are virtually invisible, which means that there is no visible scar that makes it evident that you had surgery.

Most facelift incisions are made in less visible areas such as your hairline or behind your ear, which means that no one will know the secret behind your rejuvenated appearance.

Am I a Candidate for a Facelift?

Anyone who wants a younger appearance can get a facelift irrespective of their gender. Kindly note that older patients who undergo facelift surgery are exposed to additional risks just like any other surgery.

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