There is no downtime associated with CoolTone® treatments. The procedure works similarly to regular exercise, but instead of consciously contracting muscles, a special machine activates muscle fibers for you, boosting their strength and size. In many cases, CoolTone® offers results that exceed those you get through regular exercise.

CoolTone Daytona Beach

*Individual results may vary.

About CoolTone®

CoolTone® is a non-invasive treatment designed to tone your body by activating muscles under the fat. Our CoolTone® specialists apply a special device to areas of concern that uses magnetic muscle stimulation technology to contract the fibers. After a series of sessions, many patients experience improved muscle tone and an enhanced, more athletic-looking physique. It is different from Coolsculpting® which involves cooling down fat under the skin to dissolve it.

Benefits of CoolTone®

CoolTone® offers a variety of benefits:

No downtime

CoolTone® relies on magnetic muscle stimulation to tone, contour, and define muscles. For that reason, it is very much like regular exercise with no downtime. Following treatment, you can get back to your regular schedule immediately.

Sculpt muscle

CoolTone® sculpts and shapes your muscle, giving your physique a more athletic appearance.

More definition

CoolTone® for men contracts muscles nearly 25,000 times over a 30-minute treatment session. Muscles look harder and more defined.

Target multiple areas

Use CoolTone® on virtually any body area causing you concern, including the thighs, buttocks, and abdominals.

Higher intensity

Building muscle requires large amounts of stimulation. CoolTone® works at 50 percent more intensity than the leading competitor, getting results faster.

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Will I Feel Sore?

After receiving CoolTone® therapy, you will feel a little sore – just like going for a session in the gym. That’s because the technology causes delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that stimulates muscles to come back stronger than before. Most patients experienced enhanced results compared to exercise because CoolTone® activates a larger volume of targeted muscles.

You should start to notice results from CoolTone® within a couple of days of your first session. Over time, your body will become leaner and more defined. After a couple of months, you’ll notice visible results in the areas targeted. Patients typically see the best results over the course of four sessions, spread out over two weeks. With quarterly visits.

Who is a Candidate for CoolTone® Treatments?

CoolTone® is a great procedure for healthy patients who want to improve their physique.

It is ideal if you want to improve muscle tone. It is also great for those looking to contour their bodies, improving the shape through increased muscle mass.

CoolTone®, however, is not for everyone. People with electrical, metal or electronic implants (such as pacemakers or implanted hearing devices) should not receive the treatment.

If you have any pre-existing medical concerns, you should speak with Dr. Schalit before getting CoolTone® treatment. Patients with conditions such as epilepsy, malignant tumors, fever, or numbness, may require alternative therapies.

Dr. Schalit & his team are phenomenal! He takes his time to address any questions or concerns. He always explains clearly and precisely each service and procedure. And always in a clean and professional environment. I always feel comfortable while there and beautiful when I leave! I wouldnt ever go anywhere else!


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